Canadian AI General AI News
Apr 16, 2019 ● Isabelle Kirkwood Axionable Opening Artificial Intelligence Lab In Montreal

The company plans to recruit about 50 new employees over the next two years

Canadian AI General AI News
Apr 15, 2019 ● Isabelle Kirkwood "AI Is Not Magic': Shifting Perceptions Of Artificial Intelligence At Evoke 2019

Big AI questions, reflections, and misconceptions took centre stage at Evoke

Education General AI News
Apr 15, 2019 ● James Vincent The First AI-Generated Textbook Shows What Robot Writers Are Actually Good At

Rote writing that relieves worn-out researchers? Right on

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
Apr 12, 2019 ● Matt O'Brien and Rachel Lerman Real Or Artificial? Tech Titans Declare AI Ethics Concerns

How much substance lies behind the increasingly public ethics campaigns?

Healthtech Opinion
Apr 11, 2019 ● The Canadian Press Transforming Health Care With AI: Tons Of Potential, But Not Without Pitfalls

Now AI is poised to revolutionize how doctors practise medicine and diagnose patients

Canadian AI General AI News
Apr 10, 2019 ● CBC News Amazon-Owned Winnipeg Business Setting Up In Expanded Space At The Forks

13,000-square-foot space is the new home of AWS Thinkbox

Canadian AI Healthtech
Apr 09, 2019 ● Sydney Loney 'Filling In The Missing Pieces': How AI Is Transforming Drug Discovery, Development And Innovation

Our ability to collect data on our biology has now outpaced our ability to interpret and act on it

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
Apr 09, 2019 ● Stephan Jou Ten Things We Can Learn From Canada About Responsible AI

AI development should not sacrifice the greater good in the name of innovation